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Krugman writes: "Covid-19 cases are surging in states that took Donald Trump's advice and reopened for business too soon."

Paul Krugman. (photo: MasterClass)
Paul Krugman. (photo: MasterClass)

Obamacare Versus the GOP Zombies

By Paul Krugman, The New York Times

05 July 20

ovid-19 cases are surging in states that took Donald Trump’s advice and reopened for business too soon. This new surge — is it OK now to call it a second wave? — is, on average, hitting people younger than the initial surge in the Northeast did. Perhaps as a result, rising infections haven’t been reflected in a comparable rise in deaths, although that may be only a matter of time.

There is, however, growing evidence that even those who survive Covid-19 can suffer long-term adverse effects: scarred lungs, damaged hearts and perhaps neurological disorders.

And if the Trump administration gets its way, there may be another source of long-term damage: permanent inability to get health insurance.

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