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1 Real Terrorists Detected in Kashmir Sajjad Shaukat
2 India Moving towards Breakup like the Soviet Union Sajjad Shaukat
3 Kashmir: Accession to Pakistan Day & India’s Endless State Terrorism Sajjad Shaukat
4 Martyrs’ Day Continue in the Indian Occupied Kashmir Sajjad Shaukat
5 Wani’s Blood Gave New Strength to the Kashmir’s Struggle Sajjad Shaukat
6 Is Modi Taking the Risk of Nuclear War? Sajjad Shaukat
7 Sikhs Intensify Khalistan Movement for Independence Sajjad Shaukat
8 India Towards False Flag Operation-Pulwama-II Sajjad Shaukat
9 Anti-Muslim Nationalism Continues Unabated in India Sajjad Shaukat
10 India’s Expansionist Designs Sabotage the Regional Peace Sajjad Shaukat
11 India Accelerates Alarming Arms Race in South Asia Sajjad Shaukat
12 Indians Resort to Humiliating Friendly Arabs Sajjad Shaukat
13 BJP’s Islamophobia Hits Arab Women Sajjad Shaukat
14 May 28: Pakistan Became Declared Nuclear Power Sajjad Shaukat
15 Modi-led Terrorism against Muslims on ‘International Radar’ Sajjad Shaukat
16 Internationalization of India’s Anti-Muslim Bigotry Sajjad Shaukat
17 Anti-Muslim-Anti-China Article in Japan Times Sajjad Shaukat
18 The Guise of Coronavirus, India’s Undeclared War against the Indian Muslims Sajjad Shaukat
19 US-Backed Indian Intervention on the Tamil Issue Sajjad Shaukat
20 Political Fault Lines, Moving India towards Disintegration Sajjad Shaukat
21 Indian State Sponsored Terrorism in Sri Lanka Sajjad Shaukat
22 Broadening split in India’s Federation Sajjad Shaukat
23 The Fall of Dhaka: P.M. Hasina Revives Blame Game against Pakistan Sajjad Shaukat
24 Modi Led the Genocide of the Muslims in Gujarat Sajjad Shaukat
25 Modi Took India to the Point of No Return Sajjad Shaukat
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