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writing for godot

Apocrypha 5 of Series 6 by Doug Jackson

Written by Doug Jackson   
Thursday, 11 June 2020 07:51

“St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle. Be our defense against the wickedness and snares of the Devil.” Warn us of the manipulation. Warn us of the lies. When we hurt physically, we cry out in pain; when we hurt religiously, we cry out in lament. When the Kobe Bryant tragedy happened, I figured it to be a sacrifice before something horrible. What followed was a bio-warfare attack. Now civil unrest. These devils are brazen. They are out on podiums praising death and championing the downfall of society. I don’t know the last time I saw a smile on a stranger’s face. No one has, it’s been medical sharia law for months. Has hate and confusion beat the Covid?  Have lies and manipulation beat us?

We are entering a time of shame. The liars and cheaters will have light shown upon them. Some will rejoice, most will be too distracted by the topic of the day… Race, and hate runs things, beware of the hypocrite. The agents are activated. They dominate social media. The “black out” day on social media kept videos of rioters out of sight, as well as testing how easy it is to manipulate the mass and get them to quiet on cue.

There is no longer a secret evil, or even a conspiracy theory about it, America is at war. We have been softened up with the hatred for Trump movement. A beacon set up by these devils. To focus our hate on a singular point. Now its the police. But where have you all been for the last five decades?  Police brutality is nothing new. I hear cries for reform, and defund, but how about psychological tests for morality before becoming a police officer. There are tests that measure judgement, and integrity, but does intrinsic racism enter in.

All over the world agents have been activated for this next step of madness. Greece is under siege. Our history as human beings have been doused with lies. The wars in the Middle East have destroyed many ancient sites. Who is our enemy? Those that incite violence and destruction?  Those who support it?  Every celebrity donating to assist in the violence, by getting these monsters back on the streets is a traitor. Domestic terrorism makes for violent times. Do not encourage the madness.

The riots seem to have calmed for the time being. It may provide time for the healing to begin if we let it. But this is a calculated attack. The media will continue to enflame racism. They are the real racists and terrorists. They have been the key instigators of the hate psi-op that has been run on this country. Lies and hatred leave wounds open for infection. These wounds are old. The wounds caused by coordinated civil unrest, will heal. The wounds of systemic racism will not. But we can never win a battle against an ideology. If we continue to educate our young, and raise them with morals, that will heal itself.

We must brace up for this hurricane of confusion that is being thrown at us. There is a lot of doublespeak out there, where they are saying one thing but mean the exact opposite. Watch for these tricksters. They are among our politicians, and community leaders.

Vaya con Dios,

Doug Jackson your social media marketing partner
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