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writing for godot

Cities of the Plain

Written by Doug Jackson   
Thursday, 02 July 2020 23:20

“The apostle John did not mention Nero.” There was no need.  As we step into the chaos, things only seem to get worse.  If you were never a racist, you probably are now. And that is the psi-op: division, civil unrest, tearing down history and monitoring speech. These agents were activated to take down the Constitution without doing it legally. This is an invasion, not a revolution. You are now made to police your own speech. The snitch waits for their moment, so you better watch your mouth.

The Judenrat of Nazi Germany has been reactivated as watchdogs in our society. Our children are being programmed to hate America and civility. Trained to be snitches, they are our future. The weight of the world is on the parents’ shoulders now more than ever. Teach them of mans’ maniacal history, and the snitch mentality that assisted in it.

Bareface, how dare you? This is another place for the snitch to shine. You will not be rewarded either, you will most likely be ratted on yourself. The snitch is a mindless being, simply following the plan that is played out. Free thought? Whoever thinks that we as a country aren’t under attack, since the Covid, is not paying attention.  Look at your country. What in the hell is going on?  An orchestrated attack on America is what’s going on. Were you consumed by the hate? Subliminal brainwashing will ruin friendships, and scripted political angst can do the same. Imagine saying that all lives matter would label you a racist.

“On 24–25 October 1917, the Bolsheviks and Left Socialist Revolutionaries organized a revolution, occupying government buildings, telegraph stations, and other strategic points, on 24 October 1917, the Red Guards took over bridges and telephone exchanges. On the 25th and 26th in October 1917, the Red Guards took over banks, government buildings, and railways stations.” How far are we away from that?  Will they be that bold? If there is no police it will be that much easier. They allowed 7 blocks in Seattle to be taken over. A food shortage is needed to raise the fear in America. Maybe the pig swine breakout in China is the next action. Our spirits are fragile. We are ripe for the taking. Our heightened fear and anxiety will be our downfall. People are not dropping in the streets.

We can see who is responsible for the downfall of our society. These devils flaunt it. America has been hated for its freedom for an exceedingly long time.  Most of the takedown’s supporters in the public eye are super-perverts and bootlickers. They run Hollywood, entertainment and the Media.  They brainwash and toy with our emotions. Their goal is division.  BLM will probably push for full on segregation next.

The deeper you look, the sicker it gets with Satanists and death-lovers. The madness spreads to the public quickly and we eat it up. We, as a whole, are easily duped and controlled. There is an obligation to our freedom for us to do our homework, dig, and investigate. The media will not do it.  They spout hate and propaganda from a prescribed script. As Marxists push a take-down of America, the mainstream media remains compliant. Our self-monitored speech has everyone shaking in their boots.  Do they think they will gain favor with Satan when he shows his face? I’m afraid he already has.


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