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Is the Best Leaky Gut Supplement a Good Idea for a Broken Arm?

Written by johnescher   
Saturday, 24 April 2021 05:16

I bring this question up because of online clickbait regarding "leaky gut syndrome."

Doctors and professed medical experts, out to sell small containers of pills, have clearly abandoned Hippocratic Oath in favor of their desire to make online dollars.

The advertising plan they use has much in common with online tales of paranormal experience so all the rage.

A special narrative structure, the dominant internet strain, has clearly come from advertising consultants.

It consists of asking a question to create suspense, then imposes a clear stall in answering it or never answers it at all (especially useful for ghost stories).

You are told that Jacqueline Kennedy did something strange to her shoes so that you naturally wonder what.

If you then successfully click 20 times on the word "NEXT" without being intercepted by other advertisement you learn or may learn that Mrs. Kennedy affixed a quarter-inch lift to one heel to compensate for one leg being slightly shorter than the other.

I never got there and simply asked Google what the strange thing was for immediate answer.

When the "never answer your own question" formula is applied to leaky gut the M.D. peddler now feels free to give you his resume along with lengthy disquisition on what food will be especially bad for your presumably leaking gut or on any other subject of his choice.

From that he may tell you what foods are good and how he distilled them into the list of ingredients in each pill.

The emphasis is never on diagnosis but rather on the sale of this pill.

And leaky gut can manifest in so many symptoms that you are bound to have one or two of them.

The doctors who indulge in such scams are as quacky as a murderous cop or crooked lawyer is bad.

They should all be barred, disbarred, and imprisoned.  And tatooed for subsequent identification.

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