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1 Femicide – the murder of women and girls who stepped off the plantation – or didn’t. Dianne Post
2 Remember Morley Ballantine
3 Aborting America - “Pro Life” shows its pro-death face Zepp Jamieson
4 Consider Natural Family Planning
6 The Socio-Psychopath’s Achilles' Heel Terry Sneller
7 Should the first ladies follow the fashion trends? MichaelGaleana
8 How Health Care System in Different Countries Takes Care About Mothers TattaNech
9 What is Toxic Masculinity? Arturo Tha Cuban
10 Chipping away at Roe v Wade: A Big Move Backwards in Ohio and by the Right in General David Starr
11 Abuse, Custody and Patriarchy: A Lethal Combination for Children Dianne Post
12 Latest on felonious Kavanaugh reality
13 How to date a plus size woman and completely win her heart from a dating site WayneMcElroy
14 Recognize Family Planning as a Human Right
15 Memories of Sisters Past and Future ElaineDecker
16 Democrats: Stand by your woman Robert J Gaydos
17 A gift to America from the U.S. Mint Robert J Gaydos
18 Reduce Barriers to Family Planning
19 Perverted Pleasuring ElaineDecker
20 Roy Moore, Biblical Morality, and Fascist Male Rage revcom
21 Sexual Harassment: Shades of Gray in #metoo ElaineDecker
22 Ask Young Women One Key Question
23 Ten Signs Your Leggings Are Not Pants ElaineDecker
24 Let Her Decide
25 Vote to Shape the World You Want
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