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Syria, Simply... Is the United States Allied with ISIS?

Written by Bob Maschi   
Saturday, 02 January 2016 08:20
Syria, Simply
Is the United States Allied with ISIS?

The Middle East—and particularly Syria—is a confusing area. But let’s use a mix of facts and common sense to make what’s happening in Syria more understandable.

1. Syria is headed by the Assad government. This is the internationally recognized government of Syria (like it or not).

2. ISIS is against Syria’s Assad government.

3. Rebels backed by the US and NATO are against the Assad government.

4. Northern Syria bordering Turkey is a primarily Kurd, self-governing region called Rojava.

5. Kurdish Rojava is fighting against ISIS.

6. Turkey is attacking Kurdish Rojava.

7. Turkey is a NATO member and US ally.

So together, those against Assad’s government in Syria include ISIS, the United States, Turkey and some rebel groups.

Notice anything unusual in that list?

Try this list. Those against the Kurds in Rojava include Turkey (US ally) and ISIS.


Okay, now let’s list those against ISIS: Assad’s Syrian government (US enemy), the US (now allies with Assad?), Rojava (Kurds), (and Russia, but it’s already confusing enough, so we’ll ignore them for now).

Are you with me? The US ally and NATO member; Turkey, supports ISIS. It helps ISIS launder the oil it steals from Iraq and Syria and it attacks Rojava (which is, actually, fighting ISIS). These are not conspiracy theories, these are facts. You won’t often see them all reported as facts but some simple research will readily prove them true.

So, the facts show that the United States is friends of friends of ISIS and enemies of the enemies of ISIS.

The conclusion (arguably an opinion, but a very defendable one) is that the United States is not an enemy of ISIS. While the US occasionally attacks ISIS targets, its main strategy is to topple Assad’s Syrian government. Call it regime change.

In Syria, the US is quietly allied with ISIS terrorists, and Turkey, which has become a terrorist state, against the government of Syria.

I hope that clears up some confusion because confused is the way that the American government wants you to be. your social media marketing partner
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