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writing for godot

How the West Ends - How the Coronavirus Began (Part 1 of 2)

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Wednesday, 05 February 2020 05:33

by Buck Williams

January 31, 2020

There are 17 US secret police agencies. The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), National Security Agency (NSA), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), Sixteenth Air Force, Intelligence and Security Command, Coast Guard Intelligence, Office of Intelligence and Counterintelligence (Dept. of Energy), Bureau of Intelligence and Research (State Dept.), Office of Terrorism and Financial Intelligence (Treasury Dept.), Office of National Security Intelligence (DEA), Marine Corps Intelligence, National Geo-Spatial Intelligence Agency and the Office of Naval Intelligence.

These agencies have hundreds of thousands of officers, hundreds of thousands of contractors, hundreds of thousands of analysts, hundreds of thousands of special agents, millions of informants, hundreds of thousands of senior agents (e.g. senior CIA agents), millions of mid-level agents, and tens of millions of junior “newbie” agents. Most informants, mid-level agents and junior agents work occasionally or part time.

Briefly, there are secret police perps who have handlers. The secret police handlers have bosses. The secret police bosses have plans.

  1. To make a global surveillance state aka a global zersetzung state complete with algorithms (algos) for almost any situation that may happen with Targeted Individuals (TI’s), Targeted Groups (religious denominations, political parties, labor unions, activist groups, press outlets, etc.) and Targeted Countries (e.g. North Korea, Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, Russia, China, Yemen, Algeria, Libya, Somalia, Afghanistan aka Graveyard of the Empires, Syria, Vietnam, the list goes on).
  2. The US secret police bosses “final solution” which is summed up in a press report titled “American Bioweaponry” which is available online for free

There is a history, a present and a near future. Also, a couple of brief notes about the US secret police bosses “final solution” and a definition of zersetzung.

Zersetzung is, briefly, when the secret police

  • Pick on you
  • Gang up on you
  • Try to make you as poor and as isolated as possible, blacklisting you from almost any employment (or self-employment) opportunity
  • Try to make your life into a living hell 24/7/365
  • Try to destroy your life
  • Trash talk you to anyone you came into contact with, telling lies, half-lies, plenty of omissions of truth, rumors, innuendo, planting seeds of doubt, false accusations. And worse. You are the worst terrorist since Osama bin-Laden. You are the worst drug dealer since Pablo Escobar. You are the worst gangster since Al Capone.
  • Felony breaking and entering into any room you have entered (for example, your bathroom, bedroom, workplace, classroom, etc.) to plant mini microscopic video cameras and microphones.
  • Bird drones, bug drones, little flying drones, they look like mosquitoes, fly like mosquitoes, sound like mosquitoes (or houseflies or …) but they’re not mosquitoes. They’re drones with mini microscopic video cameras and microphones along with bellies full of a payload (a drug, a virus, a poison …) and an extendable mini syringe that looks like a stinger (and youtube (vimeo, bitchute, etc.)has thousands of bird and bug drone videos to watch).
  • Stalking you, gang stalking you, mobbing, intentionally irritating you 24/7/365, intentionally annoying you 24/7/365, harassing, torturing you, terrorizing you, threatening you, menacing you, gas lighting, sabotaging, breaking, damaging, destroying your things, directed conversations, street theater skits indoors or outdoors, man-in-the-middle attacks, telecommunications blackouts, sexually harassing with male and female prostitutes, sexually assaulting you with male and female secret police perp prostitutes,  attempting to rape you, raping, physically assaulting you, violently attacking, attempting to murder you, murdering, serial raping, serial killing, mass murdering. And worse. Far worse.

The US secret police is the largest and deadliest gang of criminals ever in human history. Since the 1950s (e.g. Indonesia, Iran, etc.), the US secret police has mass murdered millions of people (mostly women and children) each decade in the USA and globally, recall names like MLK Jr., Malcolm X, Jean Seberg, Ingrid Bergman, Tupac, Randy Quaid, Jullian Assange, etc. – some murdered by US secret police operatives, some survived.

The US secret police bosses’ “final solution” is summarized in a press report titled “American Bioweaponry.”  The author noted that the DoE IG, DoD IG, CIA IG, etc. were not interested in evidence or someone trying to go “through channels”. Many press outlets in North America (e.g. NY Times, Washington Post, CNN, Fox News, Huffington Post, etc.) declined to publish or ignored manuscript submissions. Many press outlets in Western Europe declined to publish and the manuscript for American Bioweaponry sat on a shelf gathering dust for long long time, until it was submitted to RT and Pravda. Pravda published after an extensive fact checking process. See the link to “American Bioweaponry,” the US secret police bosses’ “final solution” at or simply do an internet search for American Bioweaponry Pravda and you will find.

Written records go back 3,000 years about zersetzung when Israeli government officials committed zersetzung crimes including death threats and murder attempts against an innocent Targeted Individual named David. David fled to and found respite, refuge in a foreign country hostile to Israel. The Israeli President, King Saul, and his sons were killed in battle. David, the innocent Targeted Individual, had the ultimate victory, returning to Israel, becoming elected King and widely considered to be the best leader, the best king the Israelites ever had.

Job and Jesus are two other examples of innocent Targeted Individuals (TI’s) targeted for zersetzung. The zersetzung against Mohammed was so bad in Mecca, he fled to Medina.

The Amish (aka Pilgrims) are an example of a Targeted Group, targeted for zersetzung crimes in Switzerland in the 1500s and 1600s, many Amish were martyred. The Amish fled to the north, the east and the west, where they found the zersetzung to be even more intensive (and murderous) in England than it was in Switzerland. Persecution, religious persecution for example, is a synonym for zersetzung.

The Pilgrims (aka Amish) somehow attained the funding to construct the Mayflower and set sail to the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Urban legend has it that the Amish successfully agitated other colonists to a Revolutionary War by the 1770s against the English “devils” who had so tortured and terrorized the Amish as well as serial raping and mass murdering Amish people in the 13 colonies because of their peaceful non-violent religious beliefs.  The Revolutionary War was won in 1787 and the English “devils” were expelled from the newly liberated United States.

Urban legend also places many Amish at the Continental Congress in Philadelphia in 1776 (which coincidently is about 50 miles from Lancaster County, PA, the Amish heartland) agitating for the rights to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, freedom of religion plus separation of church and state. All achieved.

The past 100 years included the German regime of 1933-1945 which coupled a zersetzung secret police state with endless war against neighboring countries to the north, south, east and west. Government accountants noted a tremendous cost savings by moving individuals and groups targeted for zersetzung to “re-location camps.” Dachau was built in 1933 for about 5,000 victims of zersetzung. An archipelago of torture camps followed.

As World War II turned against the Germans by 1943, German government accountants noticed how murdering Targeted Individuals and individuals from Targeted Groups and Targeted Countries would be even cheaper than letting them live. One bullet is not always enough. These accountants estimated about 15,000,000 bullets would be needed and that German troops would then have 15,000,000 fewer bullets for war.

German accountants discovered large ovens and cooking for half an hour would be about half price of bullets. The Degussa Corporation also went to work, discovering the Zyklon B chemical weapon poison gas, also half price of bullets. (Ironically, Hitler was hit with chemical weapons in World War I and disabled for years before green lighting a deadly chemical for use against innocent unarmed civilian victims of zersetzung.) We all know how things ended for the German regime of 1933-1945 as well as how things ended for millions of zersetzung victims within this regime that combined a zersetzung secret police state with endless war.

Within only 2 years of the end of World War II, and within only months of so many SS and Gestapo secret police operatives being convicted, sentenced to lengthy prison terms or the death penalty at the Nuremberg Trials, began the Stasi secret police zersetzung state in East Germany (1947-1991).

East Germany did not couple their zersetzung secret police state with endless war (or biological weapons) and hence lingered on for a longer time (44 years) and had a more peaceful ending. Mass demonstrations by university students in 1989 at the Dresden train station. By the 1980s, everyone in East Germany knew all about zersetzung and the surveillance state (aka zersetzung state) they were living in.

(Although the US secret police perps hate, absolutely hate freedom and liberty, most people want freedom and liberty.)

Mass demonstrations in East Germany, protests, rallies and riots spontaneously spread throughout East Germany in 1989 and within 2 years, East Germany imploded, collapsed and was no more. The zersetzung secret police state of East Germany was terminated in 1991 because the people working for the government of East Germany made the wrong choice to make East Germany a secret police surveillance state aka a secret police zersetzung state. Tens of thousands of zersetzung victims stormed Stasi secret police offices in 1991 and accessed their zersetzung secret police files.

The Stasi secret police scattered like cockroaches scatter when a light is shined on them and to this day, the former Stasi secret police operatives are considered to be scum worse, far worse, than cockroaches because of the daily barrage of zersetzung felonies that they had committed against hundreds of thousands of innocent zersetzung victims in a country that had 17,000,000 people in total in 1991.

The Stasi secret police committed a barrage of zersetzung felonies every day 24/7/365 against approximately 1 out of every 65 East German citizens. More than 99% of the East Germans targeted for zersetzung were found to be innocent of any crimes. Note, about 97% of people chosen at random are innocent of any crimes, groups of Tis are actually more innocent and more peaceful than groups of people picked at random for brief investigations.

One final example from the 1900s is the Japanese zersetzung secret police state (1920s to 1945) which was coupled with both endless war and the use of crude 1st generation biological weapons (e.g. Unit 731 of the Japanese Imperial Army). We all know how things ended for the Japanese zersetzung secret police state in 1945. Hiroshima. Nagasaki.

That was like a long history lesson. But. It’s actually a multiple choice question. Now that the US secret police have this global zersetzung state, how do you want it to end, A like the East German zersetzung secret police state, B like the zersetzung secret police state in Germany from 1933 to 1945 ended or C like the Japanese zersetzung secret police state ended in 1945.

On September 11, 2001, the United States government attacked the United States with 4 large drones, killing approximately 3,000 Americans and beginning an endless war on terrorism. On September 12, 2001, martial law was declared. The US Declaration of Independence, the US Bill of Rights and the US Constitution ended on September 12, 2001. To this day in 2020, martial law continues in the USA and all rights remain officially and indefinitely “suspended.”

Was September 11th the first false flag attack of the United States attacking the United States? No. In 1898, the US government attacked the USS Maine in Havana killing scores of US Navy sailors and providing a fabricated pretext to start the Spanish American War. In the 1960s, the Pentagon and CIA premeditated a series of attacks on the United States and they planned to pin the tail on the Cubans. President Kennedy said no to this “Operation Northwoods.”

Within months, 4 CIA Officers did a coup against the government of the United States by murdering President Kennedy in Dallas in November 1963. The Pentagon and CIA have ruled the USA since November 1963.

During the Vietnam War (a war that Vietnam ultimately won, the United States lost), the US government did false flag attacks against US Navy ships falsely blaming the Vietnamese. The disastrous Tet Offensive followed. 58,000 American soldiers were killed in Vietnam.  Many more Americans were killed by heroin imported from Laos to the USA hidden inside the corpses of US soldiers.

Anti-war rallies, American troops murdering American students at Kent State Ohio plus Watergate plus the COINTELPRO zersetzung program (successor to the Red Scare zersetzung program of the US secret police in the 1950s) targeting over 500,000 innocent Americans for zersetzung, an FBI informant murdering MLK, Jr. on orders of his FBI handler, a CIA agent murdering Malcolm X on orders from his CIA handler, the murder of US Senator Robert Kennedy, the rioting at the 1968 Democratic Party convention in Chicago, the rise of the Black Panthers, Latin Kings, Students for a Democratic Society, SLA, etc. in response to the growing COINTELPRO zersetzung secret police state in the USA, the suicide of Jean Seberg in response to intensive US secret police zersetzung targeting, 5 CIA burglars did felony breaking and entering into the Democratic Party Campaign HQ to plant microphones and photograph confidential campaign documents at the Watergate complex to rig the 1972 US Presidential elections (yet another CIA coup against the US government and against We the People) by rigging the 1972 elections which led the USA to the brink of a Second Civil War. One of the CIA Watergate burglars (E Howard Hunt) was also one of Kennedys’ killers.

Zersetzung targeting expanded multiplicatively in the USA and globally in the 1980s and 1990s.

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