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A Note to Wishful Thinking American Voters and The Media

Written by Leonard   
Wednesday, 03 June 2020 14:09

Excuse me, but why do you think it is so important for the White House to get organized so they can more efficiently implement the Trump-Republican agenda?  Many of you continue to make comments on how you hope Trump will change, get more organized and act more presidential.  Why?  So Trump can better implement his 2016 election promises.  A “mandated agenda” that every poll shows, both now and during the election, is opposed by the clear majority of Americans.  Or maybe this could even help him win the election in 2020 so we can have four more horrific years of Trump?  None who have truly watched this pathological lying narcissist and his large and increasing empathetic deficit ­ believe that not only is he not going to change but he is likely to get much worse.  Much better to suffer eight more months now rather than unleash Trump for a second term.

Perhaps with four more years, a better organized Trump can eliminate Obamacare, removing health care insurance from 25 million Americans, and eliminate Medicare and Social Security for so many more?  He was organized enough to recently,  sneak in more than $500B in new tax breaks to a small number of wealthy individuals and corporations to add to their earlier $2T tax break.  Or maybe he could eliminate trans-sexuals and gays from serving honorably in the US military...something that Trump nor any of his children have ever done?  This would also make VP Mike Pence and his anti-LGBT supporters really happy as well.

In the end maybe Trump can get so well-organized that Republicans can repeal women’s rights, destroy freedom of the press, have open gun laws for schools, speed-up global warming, stop the flow of productive immigrants and refugees into the US, destroy Medicare and Social Security, eliminate our relationships with allies, increase voter suppression in Republican controlled States, help the Russians tamper with a few more of our elections and maybe he can even get to use some of our “beautiful” 6,700+ nuclear missiles.

This is just textbook denial thinking; the man has demonstrated unequivocally who he is, an uncaring, self-serving authoritarian narcissist.  He has never shown any signs of redemption but only the deep signs of continued psychological and intellectual degradation...he is MORE unfit than ever to lead this country.  Why call for more canned, robotic teleprompter scripted and terribly acted pretenses of a competence and fitness that this man has never shown in his entire life?

Never has a US President and his political party supported such a broadly corrupt and destructive agenda.  I was hopeful that we would be fortunate that the Trump Cult is so incompetent and disorganized that they would fail to completely implement Trump’s immoral and unlawful which is extremely dangerous for all humankind. But my hopes were dashed when first the Codiv-19 virus hit and Trump’s inaction caused an additional tens of thousands of American deaths. He suppressed US government experts from speaking the truth...even fired a few because he was afraid it would drive the Dow downward and hurt his precious ratings. Of course he blamed his predecessors and the governors for the exploding death rate.   And then a few Minneapolis policemen murdered a black man in public, while being video recorded, which prompted huge protests in 75 cities across all fifty states. Trump’s responses have been very scary and non-presidential to date.

A few scary responses from Trump include 1) Not showing any empathy for the family of the deceased victim...whose crime was at worst trying to pass a counterfeit $20 bill...a life for $20; 2) Trump’s failure to admit that Black Americans, Hispanics and other minorities have been horribly mistreated and subject to inequality for hundreds of years; 3) Just yesterday, Trump proposed a military takeover of any individual US State that did not satisfy his criteria for forcibly crushing protests, legal or otherwise, by Americans demanding fair treatment of minorities by police and suggesting means for reform; 4)  And he and William corrupt a USAG as anyone who has ever served...are trying to use the Codiv19 virus to suppress the 2020 elections by disallowing mail-in-voting and creating a phony, already proven false, ballots story for the courts.

So, can all the wishful thinking Americans, including the media, please stop calling for Trump and the Congress to get their acts together so we can all get behind the President and the Republican Party’s unprincipled agendas.  If you want a fascist dictatorship that’s one likely way to get it.  It has only been their incompetence and corruptness that has been protecting the USA, humanity and planet earth from even more life-threatening disasters.  Unfortunately, that’s being disproven more and more every day as Trump, Barr and McConnell respond to some of the greatest crises in US history.  They don’t need your support...they need your removal, ASAP! your social media marketing partner
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