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1 A good news storyline: Trump repudiated, Biden steady but insufficient. Enter systemic reformers. Robert S. Becker
2 “Lesser of Two ENEMIES” Perfectly Describes Biden Patrick Walker
3 Trump-Barr Cancel Culture: Erasing the Mueller Report
4 The GOP is Now a Party of Yohos Robert J Gaydos
5 Can democracy come to the U.S.A.? Connect the quotes and decide Robert Douglas
6 Stimulus Plan Negotiations Turn to Student Debt Jubilee USA Network
7 Trump’s threat to negate election results automatically disqualifies him Robert S. Becker
8 Trump and Treason? Really? Steven Jonas
9 Stimulus Plan Must Include Puerto Rico Say Major Religious Leaders Jubilee USA Network
10 The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) Unemployment Rates: Hiding the Numbers and the Hurt? Leonard
11 COVID Facemasks and the Concorde Fallacy Michael Potash
12 Trump's Warriors, His Magical Thinking (further), and 'Tulsa' Steven Jonas
13 Beyond His Blinding Deceptions Trump Is Going For The Big Brass Ring George Monroe
14 Perry Mason on Trump: ​‘Incompetent, irrelevant and immaterial’ Robert Douglas
15 Liberals: Free Speech is Great, but Let's Get Back to Normal Philip Kraske
16 G20 Finance Ministers Kick COVID Crisis Decisions to Fall Jubilee USA Network
17 The 1.6-Party System: When the two parties add up to less than the sum of their factions rogerkimmelsmith
18 Trump breaks world records for longest tax audit, if not presidential scandals Robert S. Becker
19 G20 Must Act, Say Hundreds of Religious, Labor, Human Rights, Environmental and Development Groups Jubilee USA Network
20 Resisting Authoritarian Structures in Politics and Organizing RichPro
21 World Leaders Meet to Tackle COVID Debt and Development Crises Jubilee USA Network
22 Trump on FUX TV touts long-shot, can’t-lose gambit: ‘how to overcome a rigged, corrupt election? Just Trump it.’ Robert S. Becker
23 The week everything went right Robert J Gaydos
24 Trump Quits (Could it Be?) Steven Jonas
25 Willful ignorance is no defense for denying the truth Robert Douglas
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