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1 China and the United States Could Avoid an Unnecessary War Lawrence S. Wittner
2 "Making America Feared Again: The Trump Administration Considers Resuming Nuclear Weapons Testing" Lawrence S. Wittner
3 Cities of the Plain Doug Jackson
4 The Art of Fugue Doug Jackson
5 Avalanche by Doug Jackson Doug Jackson
6 Imperative Mood by Doug Jackson Doug Jackson
7 Sino-India Border Tensions Intensify Sajjad Shaukat
8 Apocrypha 6 of Series 6 by Doug Jackson Doug Jackson
9 Apocrypha 5 of Series 6 by Doug Jackson Doug Jackson
10 Apocrypha 4 Series 6 by Doug Jackson Doug Jackson
11 Apocrypha 3 of 6 by Doug Jackson Doug Jackson
12 Apocrypha 2 Series 6 by Doug Jackson Doug Jackson
13 Apocrypha 1 of series 6 by Doug Jackson Doug Jackson
14 Besides Pakistan, India’s Dangerous Strategy against China and Nepal Sajjad Shaukat
15 India, Violating the Tenets of Nuclear Deterrence Sajjad Shaukat
16 Will the Coronavirus Pandemic Help Curb War and Militarism? Lawrence S. Wittner
17 "The World's Major Military and Economic Powers Find Happiness Elusive" Lawrence S. Wittner
18 Book: “A Lone Long Walk Written by Tahir Mehmood Sajjad Shaukat
19 An Exploding Carrot for Dirt on the Bidens johnescher
20 1965 War: Refocus on the Victory Day Sajjad Shaukat
21 Don is “OK” with War or without It Philip Kraske
22 Mouth For War: Mike Pompeo Arturo Tha Cuban
23 Possible Nuke on the Loose in the DMV area
24 Mouth For War: Elliott Abrams Arturo Tha Cuban
25 9/11 and Iran: Life Imitates Art Philip Kraske
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